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They are neither poor nor homeless. And yet they search the garbage for food. These are the activists of the “Freegan” movement, an ecological coalition that fights against the waste of food by supermarkets. Prunelle Thibault-Bérard, 25, a young Montrealer, joins a “freegans” patrol that empties the garbage cans under the cover of the night, to recover perfectly edible food. In her documentary, Quel criure!, Director Geneviève Brault looks at the extent of food waste and presents us with committed activists who give their heart and soul to recover and redistribute food to the poor. An original documentary, shot in the trenches of the war to waste.

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Full Scale

Artists are flying to the rescue of the environment. Some recover unusual materials to make works of art, while others fly over the earth to photograph the adverse effects of pollution. No matter the medium, the message is the same: it’s time to take action to save the planet. In her documentary, Grandeur nature, director Geneviève Tremblay meets eco-friendly artists, such as Isabelle Bérubé, who recovers airbags to make handbags, and Sarah Hall, who makes stained glass windows with solar panels that generate electricity. Regardless of the approach, all these creators are part of a coherent artistic movement that marks our era. Is it permissible to believe that artists can change the world?

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Adventure Spirits

There are three kinds of tourists in the world. Those seeking all-inclusive on a white sand beach, those seeking adventure at any cost, and those seeking God. Religious tourism is a major trend that is transforming the global travel industry. An estimated 330 million travelers fly to sacred sites and pilgrimage sites every year. In his documentary, Spirits of Adventure, director Mark Thoburn accompanies three Quebec travelers of different religions in search of spiritual experiences. A Muslim takes a vacation in an evangelist theme park in Arkansas, a Buddhist lands in Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré, and a Catholic immerses himself in New Age spirituality in Arizona. Adventure spirits: an all-powerful documentary.

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Best TV Comedies Of the 21st Century


Since the turn of the decade, there has been a lot of shows that have managed to make us laugh. Although comedy is subjective, it still has a structure that most can follow and find entertaining.

In this article, we look at some of the best comedies of the 21st century


1.     Modern Family

Although the series has been running for quite some time now, winning the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy for the fifth time, Modern Family still deserves all the praise that is going its way. This is mainly due to how the family comedy has been handled as it has the tendency to become extraordinarily redundant and predictable after the first few seasons. This is also supported by a cast that has acted almost to perfection.


2.     Peep Show

Peep Show follows the lives of two friends that share the same flat in London. Mark Corrigan, a working professional, doesn’t get along well with people and hence has a bitter yet, somewhat charming view of the world whereas his roommate, Jez Usborne, is a wannabe music producer who lives in the apartment without paying rent. All throughout the show, Mark and Jez are shown going about their day with the camera being placed in very awkward positions which justifies the name of the show. We also get an insight as to what goes on in their head through voiceovers from both characters.


3.     Scrubs

Scrubs is a TV show that delivered multiple layers of comedy while also being able to tell a story that is continuously played with the audience’s emotions. The show was conceived by Bill Lawrence and stars Zach Braff as Dr. John Dorian, a doctor working in Sacred Heart Hospital. The story is often told through daydreams that John has, and this often features comedy that heavily relies on slapstick. Scrubs also feature elements of surreality from time to time.


4.     It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia follows the lives of 5 people whose highest points in the entirety of the show is in the first episode. From then on, their lives continually degrade as each character tries to outsmart the other for their own personal gain. The exploits that the gang, which consist of Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Dee, and Frank, embarks on often results in traumatizing events that have long-term ramifications on the psyche of each character. This affects Charlie, the character whose situation is, to put it lightly, bordering destitution, the most.

Best TV Shows On Netflix


Netflix offers a host of shows, varying from Netflix originals to all-time greats such as Breaking Bad. Here’s a list of shows that you absolutely mustn’t miss if you have a Netflix account.


1.     Monty Python’s Flying Circus

Monty Python was something of a cultural phenomenon back in the 60s and 70s, where the group’s skits, although surreal in nature, still resonates with small yet impactful ounces of truth even till this day. Monty Python’s Flying Circus has forty-five episodes spanning over four seasons with each episode being as good as the last.


2.     Friends

What more can be said about Friends? It has been more than a decade since the last episode was aired and yet people still hold the show close to their hearts. Although many have already seen the series at least once on television, you now have the option of choosing the episodes that you’d like to watch at the comfort of your couch. Maybe binge on the series for the 15th time?


3.     Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is set in the period after the First World War and stars Cillian Murphy as Tom Shelby, the leader of the infamous Peaky Blinders gang. Enter Chief Inspector Major Chester Campbell, played by Sam Neil, who is tasked with cleaning up the city of Birmingham in order to get rid of gangs and criminals. Peaky Blinders has received continual praise from all over the TV as well as the cinema fraternity with several accolades being awarded to the show as well.


4.     Making a Murderer

The ten-part documentary which was released in 2015 has since been talked about a lot. The documentary follows Steven Avery, a wrongly accused murder who served a sentence that cost him 18 years of his life. Even after all of this, he is accused of a different murder yet again. Since its release, the documentary made by Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi has sparked numerous dialogues and debates highlighting the harsh and unfair nuances of the justice system.


5.     Maniac

Maniac follows the story of Annie Landsberg, portrayed by Emma Stone and Owen Milgrim, portrayed by Jonah Hill. Owen Milgrim is a schizophrenic who decides to live life on his own and not through the expense of his father’s wealth, but he is continuously seen struggling with his job as well as his life. The show is worth watching for the performance of the above-said actors alone, and you’ll also be treated to some amazing visuals as well.

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